Using API logs to investigate customer issues

When you have a customer having an issue with one of the features of your product built on the Solid platform, you may wish to do some detective work in the API logs to figure out what is going on behind the curtain. That's why we added API Logs to the Developer section of the Solid Dashboard.


Before you go to the API Logs screen in the dashboard, you probably want to collect a relevant resource ID so you can filter the logs by the right API being used. A resource ID can be a:

  • person ID (per-...)
  • business ID (bus-...)
  • family ID (fam-...)
  • account ID (acc-...)
  • transfer ID (tra-...)
  • contact ID (con-...)


Example - Customer debit pull failed

Here are the steps:

  1. Lookup the user in question on the dashboard, using the phone number lookup, or filtering on the Person list, click to view the Person 

  2. Select the Person ID and copy it (per-….)

  3. Go to Developer > API logs > Filter > paste the person ID into the resource ID field and apply

  4. Go to the Failed tab and open the relevant logs

  5. View the error messages and networkRC codes at the bottom

  6. Lookup the networkRC code on this list of ISO codes for the network

For example, networkRC code 59 = Suspected fraud - Issuer rejecting - Cardholder needs to call the issuing bank.

This information will not only give you insight into why the API call failed, but also action items to give the customer so they can attempt to resolve it.


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