Family Accounts

A Family Account on the Solid platform is a checking account that has more than one person associated as members of a family. The use case for family accounts is a parent as the primary account holder who wishes to give debit cards with spending controls to their children.

  • The primary person is the account holder and must pass KYC to open the account
  • KYC requirements for other family members vary depending on use case and implementation
  • Cards can be issued to the other family members and spending limits can be set for each card.
  • Only the person who is the account holder can manage the account and take actions such as send/receive payments.

From an API standpoint, the Family API generally follows this workflow:

  1. Create a Person who will be the account holder
  2. Submit a KYC for the person
  3. Retrieve a KYC for the person. If approved...
  4. Create a Family with the personId of the approved person
  5. Create an Account passing the familyId in the request object.
  6. Create a Person to be added as a member of the family
  7. Create a Member passing the familyId created in step 4 and the personId created in step 5
  8. Create a Card passing the sd-person-id for the family member to whom you want to issue the card
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