Digital Wallet in-app push provisioning

To enable add to wallet functionality to cards in your app, you need to obtain the necessary entitlements from the software platforms you want to enable the feature on. There's a few hoops to jump through. Below is a getting started guide.

Apple Pay Entitlements

To get started, your Apple developer account owner should send an email to Apple Pay Entitlements ( It’s also recommended that you copy your team members on that email. The body of the email should include:

  • A request to enable Apple Pay push provisioning in your app
  • App name (as it appears on AppStore Connect)
  • Developer team ID
  • Bundle ID: (eg.

You will receive a response email from Apple Pay Entitlements <> confirming that the In-App Provisioning entitlement has been granted.

The email will include steps to verify the entitlement was issued in your provisioning profile, follow the steps listed in “Check Your Provisioning Profile” in the Diagnosing Issues with Entitlements document linked below:

Possible questions that may come up from Apple, once you email them with the above App details:

  1. Who is the sponsor bank you are working with to offer your debit or credit product?
    •  Lewis & Clark Bank
  2. Please provide an overview of your product and how you plan to use Apple Pay:
    • We'd like to provide the user a way to add it directly from the app using 'Add to Wallet' interface provided by Apple.
  3. Are you planning to offer both physical and virtual cards for customers? 
    • Yes/No (depends on your implementation)
  4. What are your proposed use cases for in-app (push) provisioning? 
    • Just one use case – the ability to add the card to the wallet directly from our app.
  5. Do you plan to use a 3rd party in the development and/or management of Apple Pay? 
    • If yes, please provide the company name.
  6. In what country are your business headquarters located?
    • Your headquarters location.
  7. Team Name
    • The name of your company or division.

Once you have been granted the Apple Pay Entitlements, you can add In-App Provisioning (IAP) to your iOS app. The sample code is available in our GitHub repot here: 

Google Pay Entitlements

To get started with Google Pay push provisioning, follow these steps.

  1. Submit this request form:
  2. Complete UX Review submission:
  3. Complete Google's Launch Process:

Here are the questions and responses you will need to answer in the form: 

  1. Select the option which best describes your company: 
    • Financial company or card issuer operating under a BIN Sponsor or Program Manager
  2. Does your company have a signed CTA with Google: 
    • No  - we don't have a signed CTA yet, but we will be signing one soon.
  3. Does your BIN/Sponsor or Program Manager have a signed CTA agreement with Google? : 
    • Yes
  4. Name of program manager:
    •  Solid Financial Technologies, Inc
  5. App Package name:
    • Your app package name
  6. Launch Date:
    • Your launch date
  7. Please select the appropriate network(s): 
    • VISA

The GPFI Support Team email is:

Once you have been granted the Google Pay Entitlements, you can add In-App Provisioning (IAP) to your Android app. The sample code is available in our GitHub repot here: 


SAMSUNG Pay Integration 

  1. Become a member

  2. App to App card enrollment

  3. Register your App
  4. Manage services & apps
    • Service Status:
      1. Debugging: Service registration is complete. Test using debug key and allowing Samsung Account is now possible.
      2. Approved: The service release request has been approved by Samsung Pay Relationship Manager. Service is ready to be released.
    • App Types: Two types of Apps can be registered on the Samsung Pay Developers site for the purpose of integrating Samsung Pay functionalities.
      1. Debug Build: This is an app built for testing and QA. It requires to debug key and allowed a Samsung account in order to test this build.
      2. Release Build: This is an app that does not include debug key and does not require allowed Samsung account to run. This is a build that is released to end users.
  5. Apps Approval and Release
    • Upon completion of debug build test, the release build is verified and once Samsung Pay Relationship Manager approves the release build, the app can be released to Google PlayStore with Samsung Pay functionalities.

The sample code  is available in our GitHub repo here: 

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