Make a Payment or Send Funds via Debit Push

Using Solid's Create an Account API, you can open an account. Next, you can Fund an Account via Intrabank, ACH, Wire, Debit Push or Depositing a Check. Once that account is funded, you can use the Solid Send APIs to make a payment or send funds via a Debit Push.

This original credit transaction (OCT) can be used to send or "push" funds to an eligible card based account, resulting in a credit of funds to the cardholder's account. It is means to be used B2B and B2C disbursements or payouts.

To make a payment or send funds via a Debit Push to another eligible VISA or Mastercard Debit Card:

  1. On the source account (the account from which the payment is being sent), Create a Contact with the destination debit card's information (the debit card receiving the funds)
  2. Send an Debit Push with the amount and description to the contact ID containing the destination card details.
  3. The funds are debited from the source account, and the destination account receives the funds instantly.

Note: Address Verification Service (AVS) is required to prevent credit card fraud via unauthorized debit pulls.

Limits for Debit Pull are set at the program level, depending on the use case.

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