Fund Account or Receive Funds via Debit Pull

Using Solid's Create an Account API, you can open an account. An Account Number and Routing Number is issued to every account. To fund the account via a Debit Pull, you can pull funds from an eligible Debit Card issued by VISA or Mastercard. An AFT is a transaction where funds are pulled from a Visa/Mastercard account and are subsequently used to fund another account.

  1. On the destination account (the account that must be funded), Create a Contact with the source card details (the bank account with the funds).
  2. Receive a Debit Pull to the destination account from the source account's contact Id.
  3. The destination account receives the funds instantly.


  • Debit pull is only allowed as a me-to-me funding channel.
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) is required to prevent credit card fraud via unauthorized debit pulls. We verify that the name and address of the person making the transfer match the account being pulled from.
  • Limits for Debit Pull are set at the program level, depending on the use case, up to a maximum of $2500.
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