Virtual Card Art

Solid offers its FinTech Programs a fully managed Cards Program. That means Solid manages the virtual card approval with the issuing bank and the network.

Solid has put together a Figma template & guidelines for the FinTech program to follow for the Front of Card (FOC) design to simplify the process and get the required approval within a week. 

Unlike a Physical Card that has both Front of Card (FOC) and Back of Card (BOC) designs, Virtual Card has only Front of Card (FOC).

A FinTech Program can select between a horizontal virtual card or a vertical virtual card. Virtual Card design is meant to be shown on your app, to display the card information.

The instructions below explain the Front of Card (FOC) template and the customization available to meet the brand guidelines of the FinTech Program.

1. Start with a stock Horizontal Card


2. Apply your brand's visual design and logo


3. Display the VISA product identifier:

  • Consumer Debit: Display Debit under the Visa logo.
  • Business Debit: Display Business Debit under the Visa logo.
  • Consumer Credit: Display the Visa logo as-in. No product identifier needed.
  • Business Credit: Display Business under the Visa logo.

4. Display the card information (16 digit card info, expiration date, CVV, Cardholder Name, Business Name, if a Business Card). VISA also requires Virtual Limited Use to be mentioned on the Front of Card (FOC).



  • Depending on the card's visual design (dark or light), use the appropriate Visa logo (Blue, White or Black).
  • Your brand logo needs to contrast the card design (background).
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