ATM Access & Locations

Solid Issued Debit Card provides an end-user with ATM access at any ATM that supports VISA Cards. 

Solid has partnered with MoneyPass® to provide surcharge-free ATM access when a Solid Issued Debit Cards is used. MoneyPass® has over 37,000 ATMs nationwide to offer easy access to the funds in the associated account. The FinTech program is responsible for the MoneyPass® transaction fee (refer to the fee schedule).

If the Solid Issued Debit Card is used at an ATM outside of the MoneyPass® network, then the fee is disclosed to the end-user at the ATM before the transaction. 

You can find MoneyPass® ATMs by searching your zip code on their ATM locator website. Additionally, you can download the MoneyPass® ATM Locator app, available in the Apple or Android app store. Solid also provides a List all ATM API to list ten nearby MoneyPass® ATMs. 

ATM access can be enabled or disabled for the card. By default, it is enabled (atmAccess=true). While Creating a Card or Updating a Card, set atmAccess=false to disable ATM access.


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