Make a Payment or Send Funds via Domestic Wire

Using Solid's Create an Account API, you can open an account. Next, you can Fund an Account via Intrabank, ACH, Wire, or Depositing a Check. Once that account is funded, you can use the Solid Send APIs to make a payment or send funds to another Bank Account in the US, via a Domestic Wire.

To make a payment or send funds via a Domestic Wire to another Bank Account in the US:

  1. On the source account (the account from which the payment is being sent), Create a Contact with the Account Number, Routing Number, Account Type, Bank Name and Address of the destination account (the account receiving the funds). Solid provides an API to look up the bank name from the routing number.
  2. Send a Wire Transfer with the amount, type=domestic and description to the contact ID containing the destination account details.
  3. The funds are debited from the source account, and the destination account receives the funds the same day or the next day, depending on the time the wire was initiated.


  • Refer to the Wire cut-off times here.
  • Using the Retrieve Bank Info API, you can lookup Bank Information by passing type=swift and the routingNumber=Bank's Swift Number (works well for International Banks).
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