Card Accounts

A Card Account is a specific account type used for issuing card on a credit BIN. Using the Create an Account API, you can open a Card Account for a person or a business (assuming KYC/KYB approval). Accounts details are available via the Retrieve an Account API or the Solid Dashboard.

A common use case for card accounts is Just-In-Time (aka Fallback) funding:

  • Checking Account (DDA) is set up for funding purposes
  • Card Account is set up to Create a Card
  • Card Account is configured to Fallback to Checking account
  • Card Account balance is $0, as the Checking Account holds the funds
  • When the card is charged, funds are automatically pull from the Checking account to Card account to cover the debit

Note: in the event of a card transaction refund or reversal, funds will be credited to the Card Account, not the Checking Account, resulting in a positive balance. You can leave it as is, or you may choose to pull the funds back into the checking account. You can listen to webhooks, card.refund and card.reversal, and on these events you can initiate an Intrabank Pull from the Card Account to Checking Account. 

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