Overview of Client Support

Both during and after your implementation phase, Solid will be there to support you and and address any issues that may arise. Here's an overview of how our support is structured.

Level 1 Support (You)

  • Your organization will be responsible for the end user support of your product. This includes, for example: general questions, bugs and feature requests, and simple tasks that can be handled by your team in the Solid Dashboard.
  • To provide an excellent customer service experience, programs should leverage common communication channels like phone, email, and chat.
  • For card programs, in order to comply with bank requirements, you will need to have a support phone number that will be printed on the back of your physical cards.

Level 2 Support (Solid)

  • If an issue arrises that requires assistance from the Solid team, you can submit a Help Desk ticket.
    1. Log into your Solid Dashboard
    2. Navigate to Help > Help Desk
    3. Click the New Ticket button
    4. Select a Type and Priority. More info: Help Desk Ticketing Guide
    5. Enter a Subject and Description for your issue.
    6. Attach any helpful screenshots or documents, and Submit.
  • The Solid support team will route tickets to the appropriate team member. The assignee of the ticket will reach out to the ticket reporter to work through the issue and remain the owner of the ticket until we resolve the issue.
  • You can review your Help Desk tickets in the same location in the Dashboard: Help > Help Desk

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