Help Desk Ticketing Guide

Ticket Types 

  • Questions - general inquiries for the Solid team that do not fall into the following, more specific, categories. These should be requests for information, not tasks for the Solid team. 
    • ie. Where can I find the Solid KYC manual?
  • Tasks - requests for action by the Solid team. This can include implementation tasks, ops tasks, or other kinds of tasks. 
    • ie. Can the Solid team review the KYC results for this person?
  • Incidents - situations where Solid services are down or not performing as expected. 
    • ie. API response times for the KYB endpoint are taking much longer than normal?
  • Issues - any problems that the client or end users have faced with the Solid platform that require Solid’s help to resolve. 
    • ie. An end user has not received their physical card in a timely manner. 
  • Disputes - transaction disputes of all kinds should be escalated to the Solid Ops team with this type, and the investigation will be managed within the ticket. 
    • ie. Person XYZ has disputed transaction ABC. They have submitted the attached evidence. 
  • Complaints - the Solid client has the obligation to share any consumer complaints to Solid. Solid will in turn report these complaints to the sponsor bank.
    • ie. Person XYZ has complained that our (fintech program's) advertising is misleading. 
  • Feature Requests - any new functionality that the client would like Solid to release. 
    • ie. We would like to be able to filter accounts by creation date in the Solid Dashboard. 


Ticket Priority

  • Low - Inquiries that do not require a prompt response. This could include high-level feature requests or general inquiries about future product roadmap. 
  • Normal - Includes questions, tasks, and feature requests. There is no impact to end users.
  • High - Includes intermittent issues and reduced quality of service. A workaround may be available. There may be an impact to end users.
  • Urgent - Represents a complete loss of service or a significant feature that is completely unavailable, and no workaround exists. Impact to end users is severe.

You can use the Solid Dashboard or the Help Desk APIs to create, track and manage tickets.

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