In this manual, you will learn the types of disputes and how the Solid process works for every type of dispute.

A dispute is an inquiry that occurs when an account holder questions a transaction on their account. In most cases, the purpose of filing a dispute is to recover funds for transactions that have already been debited. Usually, the transaction in question is a debit transaction, as in, there was money withdrawn from the account. 

A dispute could be filed for any transaction type: Book (Intrabank), ACH, Wire, Check, or a Card transaction. Solid triages every dispute and creates a formal process with the involved parties. 

Intrabank: Solid investigates internally. Turnaround time is 7 days. 

ACH, Wire, Check: Solid investigates with DDA sponsor bank. Turnaround time is 30 days. 

Card: Solid investigates with sponsor bank and the network. Turnaround time is 60 days.

First, you should encourage your account holder to resolve the dispute directly with the counterparty, merchant, or service provider. If the account holder has exhausted all means of resolving the issue directly, please proceed to file a dispute via the Solid Dashboard:

  1. Left menu in the Dashboard -> Help -> Help Desk -> New Ticket.
  2. Create a new ticket with the type: Dispute
  3. Provide all the information related to the transaction being disputed. The more information you can provide on creating the dispute, the faster would be the turnaround time. Please include if the dispute is related to fraud, service not received or not as described, duplicate transaction or if the transaction was unauthorized.


You will receive an email with the Help Desk ticket number. Solid will continue to update you on the status of the dispute email. To view the latest update, you can view the ticket details in the dashboard.

Soon, you will also be able to file disputes using the Solid Ticket API and subscribe to webhooks to be notified of the change in status.

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