In the Payments tab, you will see a list of all the inbound and outbound payment transactions in your program. See also the Transactions API documentation.

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The default view is All, but you can select the tabs at the top of the list to select from:

  • Pending - see just the transactions that are still pending
  • Settled - see just the transactions that have settled

You can click the Filter button to filter payment transactions by many different variables:

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If you wish to view details of a transaction in your program, search for the user by phone number or click on an item in the Transaction List. Here's a breakdown of the Transaction Details sections, and what actions you can take.

  • Transaction Information - view info such as Type, Currency, Balance, Sub Type, Payor info, Payment mode, Title, Description, Creation date, Payee, Business, as well as Account and Routing numbers. If the transaction is pending, you can Reject or Clear it. In the case of Check Deposits, there will be an Edit button in case Payor details need to be amended. Further review may be required (see below).
  • Card - if the payment is a card transaction, additional data points may be available: Is captured (capture status), Reward amount (eg. Dosh rewards), Dispute status, PIN verified status, Paid by/to Info (additional merchant details)
  • Check - if the transaction is a Check Deposit, this section will provide the Amount, Payor, as well as the Check, Account, and Routing numbers. There will also be check images for review.  
  • Metadata - any external metadata you've added to the person
  • Activity Log - a running log of all platform activity for the person
  • API Logs - logs of any APIs called for the person ID
  • Operator Notes - where an operator can log any notes for future reference

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