On the bottom of the Dashboard navigation menu, you'll find the Settings tab. Click that to access these program settings:

  • Information - this is where you will find all the details regarding your program:
    • Program Information - your Program ID, Owner, Currency, and most importantly your Program Code, which is needed to login to the applications
    • Company Settings - ACH Name, TIN, Domain & Sub Domain, Description 
    • Account Settings - Sponsor Bank, enabled Account Types, enabled Account Sub-Types, and Interest and Fee settings, Account Config (Same Day ACH)
    • Card Settings - enabled Card Types and their limits
    • Transactions Settings - enabled Transaction Types and Daily and Monthly limits
  • Branding - here you can review your logo and artwork that will be printed on your cards
  • Team - here you can view and invite team members
  • Watchdog - here you can set rules for when a transaction should go into review
  • Operator Logs - this is a log of operator activity on your account


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