In the Accounts tab, you will see a list of all the accounts in your program. See also the Account API documentation.

The default view is All, but you can select the tabs at the top of the list to select from:

  • Active - bank accounts that are in good standing
  • Blocked - bank accounts that have been blocked
  • Credit Blocked - bank accounts that have had only credits blocked
  • Debit Blocked - bank accounts that have had only debits blocked
  • Closed - bank accounts that have been closed

You can click the Filter button to filter by Account Number or Created Date. You can also create a new account by clicking the Create Account button

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If you wish to view details of a bank account in your program, search for the user by phone number or click on the account number in the list of Accounts. Here's a breakdown of the Account Details sections, and what actions you can take.

  • Account Information - view info such as

    • Available Balance - in Test mode, you can Add Funds

    • Account Type,

    • Account Owner

    • Contacts - you can click View all contacts

    • Business

    • Routing number

    • Label

    • Sponsor Bank

    • Creation date

    • Click the button with the 3 dots to access Account Settings, Block, or Account Closure

  • Cards - any cards associated with the account
  • Transactions - a running list of transactions on the account. Click Export to download a CSV or PDF file for a selected period of transaction history.
  • Metadata - any external metadata you've added to the account
  • Activity Log - a running log of all platform activity for the account
  • API Logs - logs of any APIs called for the account ID
  • Operator Notes - where an operator can log any notes for future reference

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