In the Accounts tab, you will see a list of all the accounts in your program.

The default view is All, but you can select the tabs at the top of the list to select from:

  • Active - bank accounts that are in good standing
  • Blocked - bank accounts that have been blocked
  • Credit Blocked - bank accounts that have had only credits blocked
  • Debit Blocked - bank accounts that have had only debits blocked
  • Closed - bank accounts that have been closed

You can click the Filter button to filter by Account Number or Created Date.


If you wish to view details of a bank account in your program, search for the user by phone number or click on the account number in the list of Accounts. Here's a breakdown of the Account Details sections, and what actions you can take.

  • Account Information - view info such as Available Balance, Account Type, Account Owner, Business, Routing number, Label, Sponsor Bank, and Creation date. Click the button with the 3 dots to initiate a Block or Account Closure.

  • Cards - any cards associated with the Account
  • Transactions - a running list of transactions on the account. Click Export to download a CSV or PDF file for a selected period of transaction history.
  • Activity Log - a running log of all platform activity for the Account
  • Operator Notes - where an operator can log any notes for future reference



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