Check Payments

One of the payment form factors you can take advantage of with your Fintech program is the Send a Check API. This enables you to issue physical checks from your end users' accounts and our partner service will mail the check to the specified payee. 

In the Solid dashboard, you can these checks in the Payments tab. You can filter by the following parameters to see just these check payments:

  • Type = Debit
  • Transfer type = Physical Check
  • Transfer sub-type = Originated

Click on a transaction in the payments list to view the details. Send a Check payments will include the following fields in addition to the usual transaction details:

  • Check number
  • Check cleared - Yes or No
  • Check delivery status - Created, Mailed, In Transit, Processed for Delivery, Rerouted, Returned

More Info about Check delivery status:

  • created - set at the time of check creation, upon getting successful response from LOB.
  • mailed - A check receives a "Mailed" tracking event from USPS, this means that the mail entered USPS system.
  • transit - A check receives an "transit" tracking event, this means that the check is on its way to the destination.
  • processed - The mail has been green-lit for delivery at the recipient's nearest postal facility. The mail should reach the mailbox within 1 business day of this tracking event.
  • delivered - A check receives a "delivered" tracking event, this means that the check has reached the destination. Please not that this status is not available for all postal address types, specifically PO boxes.
  • rerouted - The mail is re-routed due to recipient change of address, address errors, or USPS relabeling of barcode/ID tag area. This effectively means that the check is still in transit.
  • returned - The check is being returned to the sender due to barcode, ID tag area, or address errors.

Note: For PO Box addresses, the status will remain as transit even after the check has been cashed.


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