Suspicious account activity

If you observe suspicious activity on a user account, here are some suggestions for steps you can take and what happen next.

  • If you notice suspicious activity on an account but aren't sure if it's fraud, it's best to set low receive limits on the account. Once the account has a good track record, you can increase the limits.
  • If you are certain of fraud, debit block the account, and inquire about the nature of transactions/invoices, etc.
  • If there is no response after 10 days, create a ticket and inform Solid (why/how/where/what/when). We will review the case and file a Unusual Activity Report (UAR) with the bank.
  • After the UAR is filed, we wait for instructions from the bank and take no further action.
  • Sometimes we are instructed to simply return the funds, but often there is a long wait. During this time, if the user contacts us, we inform them that the bank is investigating, and we will provide an update once we receive it.
  • Depending on the case, we may close the account and issue a check or freeze the account. In either case, we will inform the program, and wait for instructions from the bank.
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