Identity Verification (IDV)

One of the best tools to reduce risk and fight fraud is Identity Verification (IDV). Solid uses a partner integration from Persona – a digital identity verification platform that allows individuals to verify their identities in securely and efficiently. The platform uses AI and machine learning algorithms to verify identities quickly and accurately.

You can use the Solid platform to get an identity verification URL to send your users in 2 ways:

  1. Submit an IDV using the Solid API
  2. Request an IDV using the Solid Dashboard

When the user opens the URL you sent them (either independently or inside your app), they will enter the Persona Hosted Flow, which is a quick and easy experience where they will take a photo of their drivers license/passport and a selfie. That's it! Persona will then authenticate the user's identity by cross-checking it with various databases and other sources of information, and it will confirm that the person in the selfie is the same person as the photo on the ID they presented. 

We can also help you customize the Persona IDV experience to match your brand.


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