Solid Security update - AWS compliance

This is an important announcement regarding an upcoming security update that your software needs to comply with to maintain functionality. There is a good chance that your software is already compliant, especially if you used recently updated tools and libraries to develop your product, but it is important to verify.

Effective March 8, 2023, we will be upgrading our AWS Cloudfront to use what AWS term the TLSv1.2_2021 Security Policy. As discussed in this AWS documentation, these changes "set the minimum negotiated Transport Layer Security (TLS) version to 1.2" and remove support for two obsolete SSL ciphers in the cipher-suite.

Your program can test the client side upgrade using our testing endpoint. Once testing is completed, your program may begin using your client code with our TLSv1.2_2021 policy at any time, but you must make this change prior to March 8, 2023.

For more information, please see the attached document:

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