List your program on Plaid

Once your program goes live, you can leverage our partnership and integration with Plaid to get your program listed as a financial institution in the Plaid Exchange directory. All you need to do is submit a help desk ticket in the Solid Dashboard requesting to add your program to the Plaid directory, with the following details:

  • Program name (as you want it listed)
  • Program website URL
  • 96x96 pixel logo, in a circular format (eg. see below)


There are 2 additional optional security features for Plaid Exchange:
  1. Your program can handle sending the 2FA code to the end user when they are trying to connect. This allows you to control the experience, and you will gain visibility as to when users are connecting external accounts.
  2. End users confirm their last 4 of idNumber (SSN / Passport) during login and connecting their account. This adds an additional layer of security. 

If you would like to enable either of these features, please let us know and we will configure it for your program.

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